The Cyber ​​Security Platform is an internationally accredited cyber security platform that was established in 2019 by the information security collective to support the development of the cyber security ecosystem and educational infrastructure in our country and which combines 4 main and 2 subsidiary structures.

As a Cyber ​​Security Platform, 4 main Cyber ​​Security Academy, Cyber ​​Security Laboratory, Cyber ​​Security Research Center and Cyber ​​Security Certificate Development Center 1 auxiliary structure continues to operate as Creative Develope Club. 

The Cyber ​​Security Academy Cyber ​​Security platform is at the disposal of our youth as an activity structure established within. Our academy organizes many activities in order to conduct academic training and educational activities of the field and increase the cyber security knowledge of our young people. Digital Forensics Incident Response", "Network Security" trainings are being taught. The educational methods taught in our academy are fully regulated in accordance with the legislation. Trainers engaged in the training process at our academy are people with special knowledge working in this field, they are professional experts working in cyber security in various institutions of the country.

The Cyber ​​Security Platform currently operates in 1 main and 2 branch centers. The main center is within the Baku Gene Center under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, one of our branches is located in the territory of Binagadi district, and the other is located in the city of Sumgayit.