Our capabilities

Given the current state of modern technology, the use of computers, smart phones, the Internet and social media are actively used in every moment and field of our daily and work life, thus the security of these environments and the information circulating in them is of great importance. In a globalized world, data has become the most valuable company asset that needs to be protected, becoming the most powerful tool to ensure the sustainability of companies and provide competitive advantage in sectors. In this regard, as a Cyber ​​Security Platform, we provide many information security and cyber security activities in accordance with local and global information security rules and standards, using our deep experience in various sectors to ensure the security of information technology infrastructures of companies. 

Since its inception, the Cyber ​​Security Platform has been officially registered under the name KTLab Cyber ​​Security Laboratory in 2019 to support the development of the country's youth and increase the ethics of information security in our society. The platform, which has always achieved firsts and innovations in this field in our country, has set itself the goal of serving the people with various events and projects. Since its inception, it has given its voice to more than 100 young people with its social projects and has trained young people who will serve well in statehood, the integration of national moral values ​​and, most importantly, the protection of the digital borders of our country. After the laboratory, the first professional cyber security training academy was opened and various courses started to operate within it. Thus, the laboratory, which has grown and developed in a short period of time, has started cooperation with the Baku Youth Center of the Ministry of Youth and Sports together with its young people who look to the future with confidence, and allocated 4 structures there. These structures started to operate as Cybersecurity Laboratory, Cybersecurity Academy, Cybersecurity Research Center. Coming a long way, the Lab became the country's first large-scale cyber security lab with 242 public members in 2020-2021, and a total of 573 members and 1,150 public members in 2022.

In 2022, according to the decision made by the Management Board of the KTLab Cyber ​​Security Laboratory, the activity structures for the development of structures and increasing individual development were separated from the laboratory and divided into main and auxiliary activity structures, and KTLab was placed within these structures and gathered under a common platform. Thus, our platform operating under the name of KTLab Cyber ​​Security Laboratory continues to operate as a Cyber ​​Security Platform with 4 main Cyber ​​Security Academy, Cyber ​​Security Laboratory, Cyber ​​Security Research Center and Cyber ​​Security Certificate Development Center and 1 auxiliary structure Creative Develope Club. Our platform was selected as the country's first globally recognized cyber security academy by receiving international accreditation by EC-COUNCIL in 2022.


Our academy opportunities

The Cyber ​​Security Academy Cyber ​​Security platform is at the disposal of our youth as an activity structure established within. Our academy organizes many activities in order to conduct academic training and educational activities of the field within the specified times of the day, to increase the cyber security knowledge of our young people. In our academy, "Ethical Hacker", "Network Security", "Incident Management", "Python Software", "Digital

Our laboratory facilities

The Cyber ​​Security Laboratory Cyber ​​Security platform is at the disposal of our youth as an internally established activity structure. Closed cyber security activities are conducted in the laboratory during the specified times of the day, which ensure that the students of the Cyber ​​Security Academy of our partner universities or educational institutions who are studying in this field develop themselves. Penetration tests, protection of Network and Web systems, malicious programs and their protection methods are organized here.


Our career opportunities

The Cybersecurity Research Center was created within the Platform, and was created to support young people in the implementation of their future projects in this field. Activities for the realization of many large-scale meetings in our research center for the creation of future cyber security entrepreneurial activities of young people, providing them with road maps and receiving financial support from the institutions and structures we collaborate with

Our development opportunities

The Cyber ​​Security Platform Certification Exam Center has been designated as the main activity structure in 2022. This activity structure aims to increase the personal career opportunities of our young people with national cyber security certificates. SIM (Certificate Development Center) will perform all the certification and approval processes related to our Platform including the Academy. At the same time, anyone who wants to can get a quality certification hologram from SIM in the cyber security training and teaching certification processes.